I said I’d never do this…

It wasn’t really the plan (as is often the way with these things) but I left my job in November 2016, eight months pregnant and waddling like a prize penguin. I always assumed I’d be back there before I knew it. I was picturing my first visit proudly pushing the pram into the office, telling my colleagues about my adorable little girl’s latest tricks (as I was convinced I’d be having a baby girl at that stage…little did I know). Then slowly getting back to the daily grind, reacquainting myself with the commute and the meal deal at Marks & Spencer.

But as seems to happen often in this parenting game (starting right back with the birth plan – wish I’d been able to see my face when George told me to ‘remember my breathing’…) that was not to be. So after Max, a boy of course, was born it became clear that because of unavoidable, but amicable, reasons my job wasn’t going to be there to go back to. And my ‘maternity leave’ became erm forever leave (with a teeny bit of freelance work a possibility). Because of this I’ve found myself in a weird position where it makes the most financial sense for me to be a full-time mum (if George works most evenings and weekends, and holidays are a thing of the past). Definitely not in the plan. With a degree and 10 years of working life behind me being a housewife (shudder) really isn’t my style. Something that someone like me – who is allergic to ironing – never imagined.


Realising that I’m not going to be able to afford childcare for the foreseeable has meant that I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make the most of what’s on offer for Max and me on a shoestring. So instead of getting back on the career ladder I’ve found that I’ve been using any free time (disclaimer: this post has been written on my phone during several night feeds – so yeah, what free time right?!) to scour the internet and local area for the right kind of activities to keep us busy/stimulated/socialised that are in particular – cheap, creative and educational.



We live in Hackney and both have on and off for most of our adult lives. We love living near the canal, fantastic parks and still living near our friends. But since Max’s been around I’ve found that the mama community, fantastic classes and facilities for babies (and kids) and the mix of culture right here in Hackney are just what I needed as a ‘starter mum’ to get me on the right track.

I want to set up this website to share my experience as a new mum and offer information and honest reviews to help guide the way for other parents. Along with outside of our East London bubble – sharing stories and other people’s experiences to make the most of our community and the wider parenting world. Keep an eye out for: local class listings and reviews, profiles and interviews from local mum makers, recipes, opinion pieces, shop reviews and gratuitous pictures of the baby.


Alongside my day job in PR I’ve been blogging about homeware and interiors (quite a lot about mugs it seems…) for over five years as Daisy Fay Interiors. When inspiration to start this new blog hit I realised my fingers were itchy for a bit of creativity alongside the nappies. And even though I joked that I would never start a blog about babies as soon as I had one…looks like I’m just that cliché after all! But it is a mum’s prerogative so here I am. Plus I’ll be sure to sneak the occasional interiors post in ever so often too.


Amy x

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