The cat and the new addition


Crumpet isn’t known for her affection, in fact she’s often quick with a growl or hiss when she meets anyone new. So we were quite reasonably worried when we brought the little fella home from hospital.


We’d heard all the stories about cats jumping into prams, cots and Moses baskets – cats sitting on babies, scratching them or even just running away. And with our slightly troubled pet (the vet had to use ‘special’ scratch proof gloves on her that one time…) we’d been anticipating one or if not all of the above to take place.


She was cautious for the first few days, sniffing lots of new things and steering clear of visiting relatives. No hisses yet. She got to recognise Max’s smell and sounds (she used to run *into* the room when he cried for a while!) and miraculously seems to have grown to kinda…like him?


No one is as surprised as we are. Anyone who’s visited our house will have been subject to one of Crumpet’s welcoming hisses. Except for Max! Seven months and counting she seems to be accepting him more and more by the day. She respectfully sits beside his playmats, toys and books. She sits through his pterodactyl-like squeals. She even (once) sat on my lap and purred while I fed him.


I’m sure this will change as he gets more mobile. He’s already following her round the room with his eyes and grunting in her general direction. But for the moment it’s lovely. Our haughty suspicious cat has taken our non furry baby into the fold. Thanks for making these first few months just a little bit less stressy. Extra Dreamies for you tonight.


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