Getting classy


One of the reasons that Your Mum sprung up was because of my appreciation for mum and baby classes. I love ’em. I think it’s the sweet mix of entertained joyful kids along with the well-needed opportunity to give yourself a break from being the only source of entertainment. Along with a bit of socialising (for both them and you). All at a cut price with a cuppa thrown in if you are lucky and/or have a free hand to drink one.

They don’t always get the appreciation I think they deserve – yes they often involve singing standard nursery rhymes, toys covered in other children’s drool (or worse), the challenge of sitting cross-legged on a cold floor postpartum – ouch.

But, for me at least, they’ve been a lifeline for the last few months. I’ve got an energetic seven month old and no child care. Our bijou (ha!) flat can seem smaller when me and the baby have been flying solo all day. So particularly in the colder months when park hangs were much less enjoyable I clung hard to my time in our classes. And he *loves* them – he’s a social being who thrives on new faces, music and excitement. Those age old nursery rhymes often seem to chime with him more than other music (they certainly were the first bits of music he seemed to enjoy – we keep singing them generation after generation for a reason right?!). I admit for the first few months I definitely got more from them than the baby did, but needs must and I did indeed need.

However I know that I’m very lucky to have a great mix of classes to pick and choose from here in Hackney. Meaning that we’ve been able to avoid the traditional style of classes, even though that old classic Wind The Bobbin has been known to feature, it’s been presented in original ways. We’ve had our pick of classes that are fun for kids and engaging for adults. My favourite combination.

So I wanted to share my experiences and recommend the stellar classes I’ve attended. Plus use this blog as an excuse to try out a few more. And show what’s really worked here in Hackney and could be worth rolling out elsewhere. Cos these classes don’t have to be boring! Often they don’t need shedloads of equipment, just enthusiastic parents, a bit of creativity and, of course, a bunch of (usually!) eager kids.

Reviews coming up of: a circus fitness class, music classes featuring all original tunes and an art class for mamas. Plus whatever pops up next…


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