A tale of tabs

Seeing someone's open tabs and google search history can be a bit like a peek into their mind. Sometimes embarrassing or boring it's always revealing.

I've been enjoying a nostalgic trip through my recent searches and open tabs. Mainly after seeing I had 105 tabs open on my phone (I know!). And knowing many random, heartfelt things have needed googling mid night feed or sneakily checked while the baby bashes Bobby the Bunny again.

Here are some of my highlights(?!) that tell you a lot about what was on my mind during the first months of motherhood:

La Leche League *multiple* tabs – I was brought to this advice-filled site with every one of my breastfeeding worries and problems.

Google search: colic
Luckily we dodged the bullet with this one but I'm pretty sure every parent has had at least one evening googling this…

Google search: cradle cap
Still need to sort this one out. Olive oil? Almond oil? Wait?? For the moment the baby remains ever so slightly flaky…

Quite a few of these were open too: Baby Sleep Guide – still an ongoing battle, multiple night wakes are the usual culprit.

Google search: overtired refusing to feed fussy
That was a fun couple of weeks…

Google search: best time to move a baby sleeping on your lap
Didn't get a very satisfactory answer to this one. Surprisingly.

Google search: kg to.lb
Anyone else find themselves having to do this all the time?! Maths not my strong point at the best of times.

Google search: flying with ryanair baby
Wish me luck 😦

Google search: when did people start walking dogs?

NY Times articles on how to raise a feminist son. Prep for once the little man becomes more of an erm little man

This paper on weaning has been super handy since we've started giving the baby food – I find the pages showing how to prepare first portions invaluable. I swear I look at it every day.

The Can I Breastfeed In It website – this took me through to their Facebook page which is a fantastic source for up to date reports from other breastfeeding mums on what's available in the shops that you can feed in. Clothes have been more of a struggle than I expected – I've ended up in the same old baggy tshirts and leggings far too many times to mention

Google search: images: chicken pox spots early stages
Not the prettiest of pages…luckily these haven't come our way yet.

An aside: something I've managed to avoid googling (so far at least..) is pictures of baby poo. Unfortunately this topic tends to be a daily conversation. And despite my intention to not discuss my baby's toilet habits it is impossible not to be guiltily interested in it – but please gawd I hope I don't have to sully my search history with baby poo. Ever.

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