Walala X Play

I totally took my own advice and today we visited the Walala X Play exhibition at the Now Gallery in Greenwich. And y'know what? It was bloody good advice.

This exhibit was designed by French-born, but London-dwelling designer Camille Walala. The gallery have cleverly asked her to use her signature pop patterns to create an interactive maze. The result not only looks great with its pleasing colour combinations and disorienting twists and turns keeping you warmly befuddled.

But it's a whole other level of fun for kids. Max is very good friends with his reflection so with multiple mirrors (that seemed to take being banged by tiny fists pretty well) surrounding him he was in his element. We also went with a 15 month old who has very recently mastered walking – and just watching his giggling face was entertainment enough – as he chased around lost in the colours, patterns and reflections (getting his mum even more lost in the process).

Bonus points for easy access – we travelled all the way from Dalston with step free access, despite TFL trying to send us on a merry tour round London with our buggies. And the gallery were very encouraging about bringing kids, with very few restrictions of what they could do – it was made for them to enjoy without being kid-oriented which was so refreshing to see.

An aside: there are also Walala decorated ping pong tables outside the exhibition (in the pretty handy actually area around the gallery and North Greenwich station) you can borrow bats and balls if you get competitive or just really want to wear out small people.

It's ticketed but free and you can book your slot here. They were pretty relaxed on tickets as we went at a quiet time but I've heard it gets proper rammed so worth booking ahead.

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