Calendar: September

I love a crisp September day – you can't shake that back-to-school feel, forever reminded of picking out a shiny new pencil case, wearing in new shoes and hunting for conkers.

But after working in the interiors industry for over 10 years that crunch of the first autumnal leaf also now brings back memories of the London Design Festival. With its very own distinct back-to-school kind of excitement (more new Hay bag than backpack though) with London's best and brightest design stars showing off their latest pieces of interior excellence.

So those of us with little'uns don't miss out I've tried to capture an essence of appreciation of design culture that can be enjoyed by big and little people this month:

Brixton Playing Fields, St Matthew's Church, Brixton Hill, SW2 1JF, 16th-24th September

As part of LDF locals Studio HE are opening an interactive outdoor arts installation based around the kid friendly theme of 'play'. Being built collaboratively by the community – it'll be interesting to see how this pans out and whether play can be well executed for adults and kids in this format.

They'll love: trying everything out to make sure it *really* can be played with.

You'll love: getting your design kick while giving the kids a run about. And don't forget play is for you too here!

Open House Junior, venues throughout London, 16th and 17th September

Open House are opening the doors to some of the capital's most famous and intriguing buildings to families this year. They are not only adding tours you can bring the nippers along to (including venues like: Brixton Windmill and Unicorn Theatre) but they are also including children's activities for 5-11 year olds. Making this annual permission to snoop a real family affairs.

They'll love: getting to run around famous buildings that you're always banging on about. Maybe even being inspired to become the next Zaha Hadid.

You'll love: still being able to take part in Open House without the tour getting to technical for small people (and those of us who don't know the lingo but still enjoy the architecture).

Jacqueline Ayer: Drawing in Thailand, The House of Illustration, 2 Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4BH, until 22nd October

Dreamy children's book illustrations by this ground-breaking illustrator from the 60s. Ayer was the first US artist to depict Asian culture authentically with her books depicting family life after she moved to Bangkok.

They'll love: her simple style, bold colours and family oriented images.

You'll love: enjoying child friendly drawings that have a bit more of a social conscience than Sponge Bob.

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