And the prize for ridiculous headline goes to: Are pandas the new unicorns?

Since Portlandia told us to Put a Bird on it  I’ve always been amused to follow the latest creature (mythical or otherwise) that has crept into the imagination of makers and found its way onto products.

We’ve had the owl, the fox and the rabbit gracing all sorts of products. It’s hard to second guess the popular animal with the cat only recently finding its way to the front of the queue (let’s hope it sticks around for a while).

With kidswear now very much on my radar I’ve been watching this season’s popular animals make their way through from designer brands to the high street – like these sausage dogs wadding their way onto Mini Rodini and Next. And, of course, the mythical marvellous unicorn has been making its mark too.

Which brings me to the panda, an old friend of mine – my first obsession (evidence below…the, ahem, bulkiness of our home computer in the background might give away my age a bit…). Anyway – this girl loves a panda.

So I was pretty chuffed to see my favourite furry friend might be becoming the animal du jour with two brands I already covet bringing out products featuring pandas in quick succession. Could they really be the new unicorns?

Little Hot Dog Watson (extra points for the best name!) and their UV protective, practical *and* pretty Panda Pop range:

Panda Pop Adventurer Hat, £24.99

The second panda collection is from experts in cute knitwear The Bonnie Mob – a plethora of playful bears – in a mix of multi-print and solo designs:

Romper, £27.45 and Rainbow Long Sleeved T-Shirt, £28.45

With pandas now officially no longer endangered – maybe it is their time!

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