This week I…

Couldn't live without: this magic cup made by Munchkin. I still haven't worked out what alchemy lets little'uns drink from these spout-less cups. But I'm fully sold on them. If you have a baby or toddler and haven't tried these yet I implore you to give them a go. They are real game-changers. Water spills in our house have now reduced pretty much 90% (and most of that last 10% is the baby in the bath). These cups are the real deal. Proper sorcery.

Tried: this sweet potato scone recipe – and I'm never looking back. It's the non-crumbly, easy to make, tasty, healthy, pram snack of dreams. And anything that's tasty enough for me to finish the leftovers is popular with me.

Heard about: The Idol – a monochrome soft play right here in London. This fabled kids' day out sounds like an Instagram dream. Me and my mama gang are trying to rally the troops and make it out to Barking to check it out. It's a two-storey maze of 'chaotic, fantastical images' which gets a thumbs up in theory for me. But we'll see if our batch of under 18 month olds take to it. Most importantly though – what should the baby wear?!

Failed to: Curb my spending habits…three (count 'em three!) excellent samples sales depleted my fast disappearing bank balance. Oops. I couldn't let these steals pass me by – *essentials* from my pals at Anorak, makers of graphic print homeware inspired by their love of the great outdoors (including one of their excellent Grobags at a bargain price), the next stop was cute cosies from Bonnie Mob, Brighton's lovely, covetable kids' brand and my final savings left my purse at a joint pop up with two more of my fave baby brands Indikidual and Boys&Girls – and their fun colourful garms. Next month will probably be just as dangerous – with the brilliant queen of knitted textiles Donna Wilson's infamous (in my world anyway!) sample sale…wish me luck.

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