Time to learn how to wallpaper

Gulp. It's happening. I'm riding the cliche train and moving out of London after having a baby.

We'll be packing up our little E8 flat and winging our way to Hastings (its pier just won the Stirling Architecture prize dontcha know). We're mainly moving as we can really afford to stay in the big smoke on one income. With no job ties to London any more it seemed crazy for us to keep paying £££ to be somewhere we didn't *need* to be.

So we're in the process of buying a new place and it looks (if the housing gods are in our favour) that we'll be getting our mitts on a nice big house…that's a bit of a do-er upper. Kind of my dream (especially after working in the interiors industry for 10 years) but kind of crazy (probably not the best time to renovate with a one year old?!) but here goes nothing. Eek.

So Your Mum is likely to spend a little bit more time perusing homeware and interiors. I'm going to start a series of features on the best bits for baby and kid's rooms. I'll also be getting my ye olde interiors blog (Daisy Fay Interiors) back up and running for house renovation/decoration posts. So make sure to take a look if interior design floats your boat (the blog is probably the first thing that needs a redesign – eek!).

After living in a new build following years (and years) of rentals I'm *so* looking forward to big empty walls I can make my mark on in the new place. I've never had a chance to get creative with wallpaper before so I think that might be a good place to start in the baby's room.

Here's a pick of inventive wallpaper designs I'd love to see hanging in my boy's room. Doing a whole room in one paper can be a bit overwhelming (on the eye and wallet) so I'm imagining these in strips or as a feature wall.

From Wild Heart Wonders, Flying Bunnies, £69 per 90cm x 250cm panel

From Ferm Living, Half Moon wallpaper in black, £65 per roll

From Feathr, House of Nature, £99 for a 10m roll

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