This week I…

Couldn't live without: Calpol. The drug of choice for ill babies. It's got us through nearly a week of snot (smeared everywhere – on my boobs is a particular highlight), the sweetest hacking cough, fever and general grouchiness.

Administering it hasn't been the *best* fun…but we (usually) get some of it down his gullet (or his babygro..)

A sign of desperation (which didn't actually work 😩)

Tried: Making the baby some of these carrot pancakes. Instant hit. I made multiple mini pancakes so they can be packed up for lunches too. Smothered 'em with cream cheese and everyone's happy. Especially me as the leftovers were tasty.

Found out about: Days Out Guide's sneaky cheap tickets – shhh. We're planning on a London Zoo outing for the little man's first birthday. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Can't wait.

But budget-wise £20 upwards a ticket is a bit of a sting for a day out with a baby (read: could be half an hour before bailing with a sobbing babe or seven hours on carrying an increasingly heavy baby around before…bailing with an overtired sobbing babe).

So I was pleased to discover a sweet deal on the Days Out Guide website for 2 for 1 tickets for London Zoo along with a whole load of other venues (like the Tour of London and St Paul's Cathedral). All you need to do is present a train ticket showing you travelled by train to get there (along with a voucher from the website) and it's half price ticket time. So good.

Can't wait go, get our wild animal fix and use the noise of whooping monkeys to mask the sound of my weeping about the baby turning one. Maybe.

Failed to: make it to the press shows I finally RSVP'd to. After nearly a year of valid reasons (or scaredy excuses…) I thought it was time to dip my toes back into press show world.

But, of course, the winter baby bug reminded me that the little guy really is the boss of me.

Particularly sad to have missed the chance to meet this guy at Paperchase's spring/summer preview. Ah well there'll be plenty more celebrity dogs to pet at future press shows…or maybe not so much.

Paperchase treats we missed 😦 see you beauts in SS18

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