This week I…put a bonnet on it, Mushed, fell for a llama and didn’t give away any puppies…

Couldn’t live without: Max’s Golly Gumdrops Bonnet. With winter creeping in (and the inevitable winter flu season…) I’ve begun the traditional battle: Keeping The Baby’s Hat On. He was so mini last year I though he might actually quite like a hat (so naive!). As in reality now he’s nearly one old and pulling his hat off is one of his very favourite games.

So I couldn’t live without this marvellous and cosy hat made by the wonderful Golly Gumdrops. It’s a classic knitted bonnet with a tie – which miraculously Max happily keeps on. Hurrah! More to follow on Golly Gumdrops soon…here’s the hat sans snotty baby (as that’s never a good look).

Tried: Mush Mum meet up. Being a social media kinda girl I met two of my best baby mama friends (hi Kirsty and Hannah!) on the Peanut app that links up likeminded mums. So when an Insta mama pal (hi Franki!) arranged a Mush Mum Day meet-up I jumped at the chance. And it was as lovely as I’d hoped – a fun cluster of ladies and their babes, tea, chat and general good will. My kinda morning. I’m hoping Mush and Peanut will do their thing and help this mama out when I move to a new town soon. If the mums I meet are half as friendly as this week’s Mush mamas I’ll be doing good.

Heard about: Llama cushion of dreams. Seeing this winning fella at the Dunelm SS18 preview left me dreaming about a nursery decked out in South American splendour – llamas, alpacas, brights and earthy tones…if I ever get round to it. *adds to the never ending list of house jobs*

Failed to: organise the first birthday party I’d imagined for the little man. My aspirations of homemade tiered (of course!) cake, a bouncy castle, snacks, fizz, puppies as goody bag gifts (maybe…) have been replaced by a much more manageable an afternoon getting spoilt by grandparents. Sad not to be celebrating in style but having flashbacks to organising work events put me off the extra stress this year at least. But next year, next year it’ll be the puppies!

Pic from when This Mummy Can was much better at organising a first birthday than I am.

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