Christmas Wish List: Lucy & Yak

No need to thank me – you can stop searching – I’ve finally found the perfect dungarees.

All the way through pregnancy and the early breastfeeding days I was searching for this holy grail of dungas. I only had a couple of specifications…they needed to be all-purpose black, loose – but not baggy, full length – but roll uppable, pockets in the right places, not too £££ for a maternity leave budget…and not matter where I searched I failed to find any that would fit the bill. Which was obviously a travesty (especially during those long late night feeds).

Until I recently stumbled across these diamonds from Lucy & Yak an excellent brand new British brand – launched just this year (which might explain why I couldn’t find them when I was preggers!). And as there’s always plenty of room for more dungarees in my life it’s definitely not too late for Santa to discover them too!

Umi Dungarees, from Lucy & Yak, price £34c616f5f2072016368b894ad5ed4817b7

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