Calendar: December ’17

As we’ll be avoiding toy shops like the plague this December (in particular you Hamley’s – sorry but I just can’t deal with that level of children squealing) here’s a run down of events to keep adults and nippers entertained in the run up to Christmas. With not a pantomime in sight (oh no there isn’t).

Gingerbread City, Museum of Architecture, 6th – 22nd December

Despite the ‘no nibbling’ rule this tasty, two storey creation is top of my must visit list this Christmastime. There’s gingerbread making classes for the more adventurous and catching small children trying to lick the exhibition for the rest of us.

They’ll love: trying to thwart you and get a bite of that sweet gingerbread.

You’ll love: Checking out the biscuit-y streets, appreciating how top architecture firms have taken the brief to make gingerbread houses to the yummiest of extremes and enjoying the sweet scent of Christmas.


Baby Broadway Christmas Concert, various locations, throughout December

Nothing makes you feel more festive than bellowing out carols. Even though I’m still a few years off seeing my little guy dressed up as a sheep (inevitably) I’m planning on getting in the practice at one of Baby Broadway’s Christmas Concerts this year. Baby ready – this is the kind of event where you can be doing Glllloooooo-oooooorriiiiaas while brrmm brrmming cars without anyone batting an eyelid.

They’ll love: jolly adults making fools of themselves, kid-centric tunes and interactive activities.

You’ll love: getting that end of winter term festive feel – oh and the outfits! Baby elves, reindeer and tiny Santas can cheer up any December day.


Muppet’s Christmas Carol at Pop Up Screens, Hackney, 16th December

Pop Up Screens are putting on a series of all your fave Christmas films at the Hackney Showroom throughout the month. Obviously Muppet’s Christmas Carol is the KING of festive films – so if you (like me) need a Kermit and Miss Piggy fix you’re sorted as they’ll be showing this on 16th December. You can also catch showings of Home Alone, Love Actually and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (but as ever not, the criminally underrated Santa Claus: the Movie – it will get recognition one day!).

They’ll love: Muppets! What kid wouldn’t love muppets?! (I’m hoping my kid isn’t that kid…).

You’ll love: A classic on screen. Watching with a merry crowd of equally obsessed fans. Who will love it…every one (sorry, not sorry!).

Muppets banner_1

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