This week I…faced my sample sale demon

Couldn’t live without: My sample sale addiction. And I’m going to have to live without access to quirky discount sales very soon *insert sad cat emoji*. As leaving London might mean more space, cheaper living, rolling countryside and all that. But I’m slowly coming to terms with the cushy London-centric things I’m having to give up. Museums. Galleries. 34949 parks. Coffee shops on every corner. Access to five different types of quinoa within 10m of my flat (just Hackney??). And the hardest thing to get used to not being round the corner: Friends. Sigh.

But yes not forgetting my lovely sample sales – I’m usually front of the queue on the first day for sales by my favourite brands. My purse will thank me (and probably my boyfriend – no we really did need *another* new cushion…) but there’s always day trips back to the big smoke. I’m going to need to visit my friends anyway…so maybe sample sale jaunts won’t have to be completely left behind…


Tried: Being the mother to a one year old. No drastic changes to report (although I swear his shoe size went up overnight now his Inch Blues are too small – wah!). But every day he is becoming even more desperate to walk – which I think will be the next milestone.

For the moment I’m spending half my time chasing him round pushing a walker or anything he can improvise as a walker (upside stool at the Geffrye Museum? Yeah why not). Whether we’re at home, playgroups, anyone’s houses, cafes, he’s not fussy. Give him a week. And give me strength to deal with an even more active kid – arg.


Heard about: Indigo Jamm‘s beautiful wooden toys. After Max was given this frankly ridiculously sweet peg doll camper van for a first birthday present from a generous granny, I looked up this great British brand. Their retro style ethically made toys also include award winning ride-along scooters, Noah’s Ark packed full of pairs of chunky animals and a peg doll house (that even includes a mini washing machine!). Definitely a good brand to remember for eco-friendly, long-lasting gifts, that (importantly!) look pretty good even when a trip hazard on my living room floor too.

Failed to: Get festive. There’s not a shimmer of tinsel at our house yet. I’m most disappointed in myself. I’m using having a baby in the house as an excuse (but a poor excuse). Even I’m not buying it. I’m planning on getting over my grinchiness and getting Christmas on the go at ours soon. I mean look what I did a couple of years ago – I do have merriness in me somewhere – losing that was *not* something they warned me about in NCT 😉


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