Can’t hack it


A (by no means exclusive) list of things I couldn’t hack in the first year and half of parenting:

– cloth nappies – I let my hippy side down. The extra sleep won out over extra washing. And I’m still dog tired.

– getting back to work – I tried, I cried, I failed. So back to a life of full time mumming I return.

– learning how to use a pram properly. Still barge into at least one person/pole a day. Soz.

– anything sad.

– travelling with a baby. I’m hoping it’ll be easier with a more bribeable older toddler?!

– date night. Still haven’t done one of these. Mainly because of the below…

– bedtime. I’ve got the routine down and 80% of the time he’s off at a reasonable hour (well maybe 60%…) but I still feed him to sleep. I’ve been told so many times that this is why he’s a terrible sleeper. And I’m sure it is too. But, have I sleep trained? Nah…can’t hack it either.

In conclusion: parenting is hard. I’ve still not tackled all these after eighteen months. But we’ve still got our heads above the water. And on we go…

Could hack…beach walks…

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