Baby bookworm – new series

Read on book fans – I’m going to start writing book reviews with my toddler. He’s a baby bookworm in training, while I’m an establish ‘worm and bookclubber, generally found with my nose in a novel.

“Read it” is a current favourite phrase/command I hear as he places a favourite in my hands for the 4th (or 14th) time in a row. Like me, he’s gobbled up the classics. We’re already on our 2nd copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Peepo! is as well-chewed as it is well-read.

But we’ve also been exploring new titles like One Hundred Things to Spot by Naomi Wilkinson (pictured under Max’s foot below) that we’ve both loved just as much. As well as really enjoying the occasional completely un-age-appropriate titles that he shows an interest in. He always seems to find a Barbara Cartland novel at the library, loses interest pretty quickly, but somehow finds them again…

So I’m going to start documenting both our takes on kids’ books. To be fair his input will be limited to begin with (although the number of “read it”s will be noted!). But I’m interested to see which new and old titles can catch both our attentions.

Will he be as drawn in by beautiful illustrations and clever graphic design as I am? Will the books I grew up reading always interest my 21st century boy too? Can I make this an interesting place for people to come and get honest book reviews from the frontline of parenting? Hopefully. And (perhaps most importantly) will broadening our reading mean that I stop getting handed the Paw Patrol book (that we’ve somehow acquired) again and again and again. If this can be useful for anything, please let it be that.


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