Baby bookworm: Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth by Jarvis

Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth, by Jarvis, published by Walker Books, price £6.99 (how we got the book: from a friend)


Alan is the jungle’s biggest, scariest alligator (him not being a crocodile is something Max has yet to get his head around…but we’re getting there). This is a tale about what happens when he has to rethink his scaring ways.


It’s a story about cooperation and compromise. Learning that even the scariest of alligators can change. With an added element of tooth care – cos if any kid brushes their teeth as well as our Al we’d be laughing all the way to the dentist.

MY THOUGHTS (age 37):

Alan was an immediate hit with both of us. The colourful pages depicting the jungle look great and have plenty of details and layers to keep you interested even on the fifth read of the day. It’s pleasingly not too repetitive, so it won’t drive you mad too quickly. Alan’s a bit of a baddie which is always fun and, of course, being a tale of redemption he comes good in the end.

MAX’S THOUGHTS (aged 22 months):

All crocs/’gators are now called Alan, what greater commendation can you get from a toddler?! It’s a book he searches out and requests multiple reads. He snaps along with Alan – arm movements and everything.


I think we both enjoy seeing Alan cry (such meanies). For me mainly because Max revealed his fake cry to me when doing an impression of Alan. Definitely a bad idea on his part. For Max other than enjoying practicing crocodile tears…I’d not seen him process sadness before looking at this page. Developing empathy for an alligator – who’d have thought it?!


Toddlers learning about interacting with other kids, encouraging tooth brushing and anyone who just likes shouting ‘snap snap’.

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