Baby bookworm: The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Baby bookworm – book review:

The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith, published by Penguin price £12.99 (this was a gift from a friend).


We’ve had this book for a year after a kind friend gave it to Max as a gift for his first birthday. It’s a sweet book that is unquestionably one of the most beautiful children’s books I’ve come across.


Alongside the clear beauty of this book, it’s a lovely calm tale about a forest dwelling fox and his best friend: Star and what happens when Fox loses his guiding light.


The Fox and the Star reads like a old-fashioned fable. Its message addresses the issue of coping with the loss of something you’ve always relied on. Like any parable Fox’s plight can be related to many every day experiences in modern life – making this a really clever, beautiful read for children learning about hardships in life.

The story leads on to follow how Fox takes time to wallow, but then searches for answers and eventually he finds out a bit more about his life in the forest. Finally learning the heartening lesson that if he looks a little more carefully maybe he’s not so lonely after all.

MY THOUGHTS (age 37):

It’s a delight for me. A lovely message to read to the little guy and excellent as a chance to do a bit of wallpaper dreaming while doing bedtime.

I mean there’s not many books where I’ve spent *quite* as long deciding which page I want hung on my wall (spoiler: after long deliberation it is probably this beaut:


or…this one *inserts heart eyes emoji*):


MAX’S THOUGHTS (aged 2):

Even though we’ve had this beaut on our bookshelf (or flung elsewhere as is his want) for a little while, Max has only recently taking interest in the ‘Fox book’. Initially it was mainly enjoyed by every passing adult who couldn’t seem to resist having a look through this treat to the eyes.

But now it has quickly become a contender for the most requested book. I’d imagine it is aimed at older children so it’s been lovely as a parent (well as the current serving book reader) that he’s been enjoying so beautiful a book as much as me.

He loves following the fox around the book, questioning what he is doing and uncovering the other animals hidden in the illustrations.


Discovering the messages from the forest hidden in the illustrations. So clever and beautifully executed.



We’ve found it an ideal wind-down bedtime book. Its slow pace and pleasing pictures make this book a good choice for encouraging kids to curl up as snug as Fox.


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