About Your Mum…

Stick around if you’ve found yourself with dried sick off your shoulder (again), surviving on puree and finger food that’s been rejected by a little weaner or if you are reading this on your phone in near pitch black darkness in the midst of a night feed (hiya!).

Reporting from the frontline of new motherhood I’m a lifestyle blogger, interiors PR and social media nerd, who has found herself unexpectedly tackling being a full-time mum. Living in Hastings, East Sussex- you’ll probably find me on the beach chasing a toddler intent on running into the sea.

On Your Mum you can find my experience of learning to be a mum – exploring classes, keeping the little’un busy/happy, cooking, trying out products, making friends (his and mine!) and picking up parenthood tips along the way.

Come along, share my experience and maybe start picking that sick off your shoulder in the meantime.

Amy x

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